CEO Message

Dear Sirs,

We sincerely express our deepest gratitude for your generous cheer and support for today's IL GWANG Group who has been repeated so much growth in the defense business while contributing to achieve the independent national defense capability over the past 30 years. In addition, on the basis of the founding ideas which put first priority to the national interest and public, we will extend business field into new areas that will comply with the 21st century’s demand and fulfill a social obligation in reward for your support.

Extended business areas include:
1. A cultural work for acting in the role of cultural messenger for Korea via the entertainment business.
2. Korean Popular Cultural Art education work for cultivating talented individuals
3. Educational work for cultivating future Korean leaders through prestige private elementary school and kindergarten
4. Social welfare work for the world of living in plenty with neighbors

We will be reborn as IL GWANG Group consisting of total nine sectors with the defense project, already a front-runner, as the central business. All of our employees are not vain of a little success which we have achieved and return to the founding principles for doing our best with deep humility to create valuable new field of business.
We bow, and ask for your continued support.
Thank you.

Chairman | Ph. D. of Business Administration Yi Guy Tae